Upcoming Projects

Raw and uncut acoustic sets of all original acoustic music.
A series entitled "Naked and Not Ashamed."
Upon this Stone
Suffering Servant
Freedom’s Name
Shepherd’s Song (Mountains of Bether)
Fair as the Moon, Clear as the Sun
Prince of Peace
Communion ( Fellowship of the Cup )
Yah is my Salvation
The Hill Mizar  
Mount Zion
Kirjath - Jearim
Song of David  
What of the Night
These Are the Kingdom
Waters of Shiloh  
Son of Man
No Eye has Seen
Zadok ( Hidden Truth )  
Secret of the Lord
Awake O Zion
Shalom ( Gideon’s Peace )
Shadow of His Hand
The Spirit of the Lord
The Law of the Lord
The Name of the Lord
Upon Your Altar
Sons of Isachar
Fully Produced 3 song EP
Son of Man
No Eye has Seen
Zadok ( Hidden Truth )  

Launch of The School of the Guitar 
An online creative resource and guitar method for the aspiring guitarist.

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